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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Top 5 Android Apps for Med School Students

Getting through med school is hard for a variety of reasons, but I've always considered that pure memorization is a major concern and downfall for many med school students. There are just so many things that you need to memorize (especially during Anatomy course) and for a lot of people this is a major problem. Another issue is organizing your schedule - a lot of students don't know how to do this. Therefor countless hours are lost and you fail your tests; but if those hours had been planned and used productively you would have passed with flying colors. If you are already addicted to technology then don't try to run away - embrace it! This is my list of the top 5 Android apps for med school students which will help you become more productive and enhance your study session.

Visual Anatomy (Free)

This Android app is relatively small (only 9.1 megabytes) and it is completely free. However,  the Visual Anatomy app can only be useful for your pre-med and first year days, outside of that it lacks a lot of information and details that you will probably need. However, if you are a new med school students (or planning to become one) then this is a really brilliant app. Here are some of the features I enjoy the most:

  • High quality and high-resolution images
  • Multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge
  • Descriptions and useful information for muscles and bones
  • Support for English and French
  • Looks very good on a tablet device
visual anatomy app android
Visual Anatomy FREE

Timetable (Free)

You are probably too old to keep a timetable - everyone would laugh at you! Well, if you have one on your smartphone nobody has to know! Alright, enough with the bad jokes, let us get to the point. Like I mentioned above: you need to be organized in order to survive med school! A timetable isn't there just so you can keep track of your classes, you should use it to make a general schedule of your study sessions and leisure activities. This amazing Timetable for Android application is free and easy to use so I highly suggest it!

timetable for med school
Timetable for Android

Physiology Learning (Free)

The essential course during the first year is physiology and if you cannot master this then you won't have an easy time becoming a doctor. With that being said, the app Physiology Learning really does a good job at filling the blanks in your knowledge. It is an easy-to-use educational material that comes with a quiz mode and allows you to make notes about your studies.

Physiology Learning app
Physiology Learning FREE

Dental Anatomy (Free)

This is an application which is far better suited for those in dental school, however, there may come a time when you will be in the need of this app so I suggest you get it if possible. The dental anatomy app is free, very intuitive and simple to use.  I am not an expert on dental anatomy but I can see there is a lot missing - but you could hardly expect anything more from this 13MB, free app.

dental anatomy app
Dental Anatomy

3D Brain (Free)

Finally, here is yet another anatomy application for medical school students. This time the focus is purely on the brain and 3D Brain will provide you with a quick resource that you can use to check out something if you are unsure. The application is extremely minimal and simple and is best used as a quick flash card resource during your first year. That fact that it takes less than 1 MB of space is also a huge plus for it in my opinion and I highly recommend it.

brain anatomy 3d android
3D Brain

So that's it for my list of the top 5 Android apps for medical school students. Are there any that you believe should be on this list? If so, please feel free to tell me in the comments section and I will happily expand this list into a "top 10"! 

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