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Top US Medical Schools - 2013 Ranking Results

This is a list of the top US medical schools based on a ranking that was made in 2013. To no surprise the Harvard Medical School ranks at number 1 for an overall score along with taking the first place when it comes to research. Due to its very high tuition and requirements that are very difficult to meet, this med school will probably not make your shortlist when it comes enrollment.

Please note that the MCAT and GPA scored are expressed as median values.

Medical School NameRankResident tuitionMCAT ScoreIncoming GPAStudents
Harvard Medical School#1 Research, #8 Primary Care$49,875 363.92700
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine#2 Research, #15 Primary Care$44,100 363.91480
UCSF School of Medicine#4 Research, #4 Primary Care$31,134 353.8660
David Geffen School of Medicine#13 Research, #12 Primary Care$31,134 343.78650
Perelman School of Medicine#3 Research, #6 Primary Care$47,090 373.86620
Pritzker School of Medicine#8 Research, #30 Primary Care$44,075 373.9365
UW School of Medicine#14 Research, #4 Primary Care$27,200 313.74910
UNC School of Medicine#23 Research, #3 Primary Care$16,028 343.76685
Wash U School of Medicine in St. Louis#6 Research, #41 Primary Care$52,020 383.93475
Stanford School of Medicine#5 Research, #64 Primary Care$47,345 363.88460

Harvard Medical School

top us med schools harvard medical
Just about everyone has heard of the prestige that is associated with Harvard University so it shouldn't come as a surprise that their med school is one of the top medical schools in the US. The school itself is located near Boston, Massachusetts. The medical campus is called Longwood Medical and there a lot of other schools and colleges here as well, including the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, the Boston Latin School and the Massachusetts Collage of Pharmacy and Health Science. The area is also home to two hospitals and several research centers and institutes.

So, here are a handful of interesting facts about Harvard Medical school:
  • The school was established way back on September 19, 1782.
  • Fifteen researchers have shared in a total of nine Nobel prizes for work done while at HMS. The most recent discovery was made by Jack Szostak in 2009. He received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase.
  • There is a running gag at HMS called "the second-year show" where second year students direct and perform a full-length musical parody of the school, their professors as well as themselves.
  • There are approximately 2,900 full-time voting faculty staff members consisting of assistants, full-time professors and associated. Similarly there are over 5,000 full or part-time non-voting instructors at HMS.

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine 

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
In 1889 the Johns Hopkins Hospital was opened in Baltimore, Maryland and only four years later the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine was founded. They were the first use a unique concept of learning which combined research, teaching as well as patient care. Studying here is a very unique opportunity as it will allow you to gain practical knowledge and experience thanks to all the hours and work you will do in the hospital itself. 

In 2009 the campus also got a new medical education center and they currently have a lot of amazing technology and laboratories which are ideal for bio-medical research. However, as this is one of the top med schools in the US the admission process isn't easy. Your grades and efforts in collage are rather important along with the letters of recommendation that you will need to submit to the committee.

UCSF School of Medicine

The University of California San Francisco is well-known for their med school department which has ranked very high on lists in the past years. The medical center contains several hospitals as well as a dedicated Children's Hospital and Clinic. There are also several dedicated laboratories and research centers and as such this school ranks very highly in both patient care training and research. In the past years the school has produced interesting results in their goal of creating medicine to cure AIDS. 

The total budget of UCSF school of medicine is estimated at $1.71 billion and 38% of this money comes from grants and contract while tuition fees pay for only 2% of the operating budget. Considering that they have one of the lowest tuition fees on this list (around $31,134) it is easy to understand why.

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